Wednesday, September 9, 2009

iTunes 9 - Just Released

In keeping with today's theme of 9, Apple just released iTunes version 9 for download. If you have iTunes set to notify you when a new update is available, you may have already seen the prompt. Otherwise, you can open iTunes, then go to Help - Check for updates. You can decide if you also want the Safari browser and the new iPhone plugin.

Billed by some as the best version of iTunes ever, the changes include LPs (like bonus cds), Extra, and a redesigned Store and user interface. Read more here: here: and here:

The full download has now bloated to nearly 90 MB, and still takes 15 - 30 minutes to download and update, depending on your network and computer. This is not great news to those of us who update lots of computers. While I've seen alternatives to RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, iTunes doesn't seem to have much competition. If anyone knows of something else that syncs with iPods and iPhones and does what iTunes does, please let me know.

If you're downloading and installing the full version (it doesn't take any longer to install new over the old than it does to update the old), be sure you've got the right version. If you use Vista 64-bit, you need iTunes 64-bit. Go here and you'll be offered the right version for your operating system:

As usual, unless you have a compelling reason not to upgrade (and there are few), take the plunge and get it done.

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