Thursday, January 28, 2010

CCleaner updated Jan. 28

CCleaner is updated by downloading and installing the current version. You want the current version. Download and run it today!

What's New[28th Jan 2010]

CCleaner v2.28

- Added support for custom locations for applications. 
e.g. CustomLocation1=FIREFOX

- Improved detection algorithm for new releases of Mozilla based browsers.

- Added news tasks to W7 jumplist.

- Added new parameters: /CLEANER, /REGISTRY, /TOOLS and /OPTIONS.

- Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7.

- Added drive information to Wipe Free space status.

- Improved Wipe MFT free space routines.

- Improved W7 toolbar feedback.

- Improved several core processes and routines.

- Improved file search algorithm when recursing.

- Added support for cleaning Paint Shop Pro 12.

- Improved support for IZarc and Axialis IconWorkshop.

- Minor GUI tweaks.

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