Sunday, July 25, 2010

Firefox 3.6 8 - What, Another Update in Five Days?

If you love Firefox, you'll love updating it yet again, for the third time in less than two weeks. Mozilla released version 3.6.8 today, after pushing out 3.6.7 on Tuesday night and 3.6 6 shortly before that.

Mozilla's Release Notes indicate 3.6.8 was necessary to "Fix a single stability issue affecting some pages containing plugins." Ok, I'll buy that. I can't believe they'd send out another version so quickly if it wasn't pretty important.

So - rev up Firefox and get the latest update.  You know how, or check back here for a refresher.

How much do we love Firefox? I don't use Firefox all the time, (IE is just faster for me) so when I do want to open it, I have time to open the mail while I'm waiting. Firefox seems to always be checking for new add-ons, and I use very few. I don't like having to address several popup windows asking about add-ons before getting to type in an address. IE doesn't do that. Lately, IE just works, without bothering me all the time.

So why install Firefox at all?  Because next to Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox is the best choice of the rest. I've used Opera, Chrome and a few real unknowns; and I'd still go to Firefox second. 

The second browser is heplful in many ways. Some web pages render better on Firefox than Internet Explorer - and vice versa. Sometimes IE can become corrupt and you can use Firefox to find a fix. And I still want to check Microsoft Updates on XP with IE - not the FF plugin. 

Be sure to have two browser options installed on your computer. But don't go crazy and install Chrome and Opera and AOL Browser and a bunch of others. It's sort of painful when you're in one browser and the bookmark you want is in another. Find a couple you can get comfortable with and learn how to use them. From there, it's up to you which experience you prefer first.

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