Thursday, October 21, 2010


Grisoft's AVG 2011 version of probably the most-used antivirus software on the planet has fallen short. AVG is a free (and pay) antivirus program, with paid versions that add firewall, identity and spyware protection.

A few years ago it was one of the fastest, more compact and accurate antivirus programs available, free or pay. As with most successful products, we insist on *improvements*.  Improvements lead to larger, more invasive programs. In the quest to protect almost everybody from almost everything including ourselves, Grisoft seems to have joined ranks with Norton and McAfee in putting out a product that's almost unusable on anything but the latest high-powered computers.

I haven't broken up with AVG completely; we're just taking a break. In the meantime, I'm using the free version of Avast, found here: Avast will prompt you to register within the first 30 days; it's still free and all you have to give up is your name and email address. The current version is much easier to register than before.

We'll be watching, Grisoft. Make us and AVG proud again.

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