Thursday, September 10, 2015


Are you having trouble with your RoadRunner email lately? 

Or, maybe your RoadRunner (Time Warner) Internet service has been flaky.

You're not alone, and It's probably not you or your computer. Don't mess with the settings on your computer. If they worked yesterday, they should work today unless somebody played with your computer. 

More likely, you're feeling the fallout from Time Warner's latest service woes.

If you do call Time Warner (and I wouldn't bother unless it's gone on for more than two days) DON'T let them connect to and mess with your computer, or try to send you to "Microsoft" or a "Microsoft Partner" to "fix your computer". Most times it will result in you needing someone else to fix their fix, because there wasn't anything wrong on your end but they need to make it look like they did something so the crews have time to fix whatever's wrong on THEIR end.

Here's a quick way to check the status of Time Warner's network:

And today's latest outage map:

If you have questions about your email or your Internet service you can call, text or email me anytime. I've probably already heard about it and can save you some time and agony.

Cathy Contant 315-573-4905

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