Monday, February 8, 2016


It's a scam, and though the message may look as though it's coming from Time Warner or Microsoft, it's not. 
If you - or someone you know - gets a popup window that takes over your computer and demands you call their 800/888 number to fix your computer, don't do it. If you've already called and given them your credit card info and control of your computer, let's talk right now. There are things you need to do.
These scams are traveling around again in full force today. Something you clicked on triggered it - from an email link or link on a web site or Facebook, etc.
It's possible your computer is infected with malware, or that there's simply something in the temporary files that pops up the message every time you open a browser.
Here's what to do: 
  1. Shut off your computer. You may need to hold the power button in for 10 seconds or so before it will shut down. 
  2. Turn it back on
  3. Update and run CCleaner, AdwCleaner, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes. If the last several come up clean, you're probably in the clear. If each one finds and offers to remove malware, you should have it checked to get everything out. Anything left over can trigger more attacks.
  4. Update everything possible. Run Ninite if you have it, install any Microsoft Updates (except Windows 10) and consider changing your passwords if trojans or viruses have been found. 

Want help? Call, text, email or drop off your computer. If your Internet connection is stable-enough, and you can open and use your browser I can probably clean it out via remote.

Cathy Contant       315-573-4905

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