Thursday, April 21, 2016


Java update 92 was released last night (April 19, 2016). If Java is on your computer (you'll know because a popup will offer to update), install the update.
If you're using the Ninite updater, run it to avoid any 3rd-party software that Java likes to install along with your update. More here:…/oracle-adds-amazon-search-engine…/
And if your Ninite updater hasn't been updated to not include QuickTime, it needs to be done. You can manually remove QuickTime, but if you're using the old Ninite it will be reinstalled when you run Ninite. So - create a new Ninite updater or contact me for details!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Is Internet Explorer giving you fits? Are you suddenly seeing MSN when you open IE instead of the Home Page you preferred? Is it crashing/freezing/just not right?

It's not you - it's Microsoft. If you missed the opportunity to tell Internet Explorer to keep your current Home Page after last week's updates, you'll now find it bogged-down by the media-heavy MSN web site - the default for Internet Explorer. However, it's simple to fix. 

Go to the page you want to use as your Home Page. If it's Google, go to, hit Enter and let the page load. Quick, huh? Now, in Internet Explorer, go up to the toolbar and click Tools - Internet Options. The first button says "Use current" - click it, then click Apply, then click Close. 


For those who can't wait to shout things like "Use Chrome!" "Use Firefox!" "Use a Mac!" I'll simply say use whatever you like. Don't let anyone tell you any particular browser is better/faster/safer than another - at least of the Big Three. If they give you a hard time make them prove it - that stops them every time. Top honors bounce back and forth so fast no one can keep up with the "Best Browser of this Hour". And you don't need to. Keep all three on your computer and up-to-date and you should be able to access most legitimate web pages with ease. 

Remember, no browser loads every web page perfectly every time. Web pages change constantly, browsers change constantly, and we simply roll with the changes. Know how to use more than one browser, just as you likely know how to drive more than one brand of car. 

If you're asking yourself "What's a browser?" we have more to discuss - or you have some Googling to do. 

Friday, April 15, 2016




And they say Windows users should remove QuickTime from their computers, now.

Don't know how? Follow this link: or ask for help. 

You've probably come across some dire warnings in the last 24 hours about the dangers of QuickTime, which is a plugin from Apple that plays media on your computer. You don't have to have an Apple computer to use QuickTime; if you ever used iTunes, you probably have QuickTime.
There are some very recent reports that Apple has stopped supporting QuickTime, which means they're not fixing known security holes in the program. Interestingly, Apple is mum on the subject to date. These warnings are coming from two places - TrendMicro and Homeland Security. That alone should make us suspicious as to the validity of the scary warnings.
However, if you'd like to remove QuickTime from your computer you can follow the instructions here:
If I've worked on your computer and you're using the Ninite updater to automatically seek out and install updates for certain programs, you should be aware QuickTime is included. So, if you remove QuickTime, then run Ninite at a later time QuickTime will be reinstalled. That means, you need a new Ninite. You can go to the Ninite web site and build your own updater, or contact me for help.

Cathy Contant   315-573-4905

Sunday, April 10, 2016


You may have read about the latest exploit of Adobe's Flash player plugin and ransomware. Yes, Adobe put out a fix two days ago, and probably already updated your software. To be sure, update it yourself here, and uncheck ALL of those boxes in the middle offering additional software:

More info about the exploit and ransomware here:

If you're using Google Chrome you should know Flash is built-in and updates automatically. HOWEVER - you still have Internet Explorer and possibly Firefox on your computer and the Flash used by those browsers still needs to be updated - whether or not you ever use them.