Friday, August 28, 2015


In case you've been wondering about those rumors that Microsoft is copying your hard drive and spying on you, I've shared here (below) a link to the latest news on the subject.

Keep in mind that whenever you sign into any service online (email, music, banking, shopping, photos, Facebook, backups) you're exposing your data and your identity, with the potential of it being accessed by hackers, company employees, and your Internet Service Provider.

In Microsoft's case, they it clear anything that passes through their servers or stored for you by them (OneDrive, Hotmail, Outlook, Office apps) would be subject to access by authorities in DEFINED EXTREME SITUATIONS. And, by the way - you get the same terms of service when you use Yahoo, Google/Gmail, Dropbox, Pandora, Amazon, your banks and other financial institutions.

Bottom line? If you don't want to take the chance that somebody, somewhere, might read it, see it, take it or share it, don't let it out of your control. Better yet, don't create it in the first place. Forensics, and all.

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