Saturday, March 5, 2016


Did you see an ad that offers to update your drivers or speed up your computer, and now you're tempted? And it even has a logo that indicates it's "Microsoft Certified" or some other important-sounding term?
Step away. Don't click on it, and if you did, don't install anything.
Many web sites have ads today, even the ones you'd think wouldn't need the money (ahem, MSN, CNN, Yahoo). Many of these ads attempt to create urgency on your part to "fix" something wrong with your computer.
We all want faster computers, but clicking on those ads and installing the software to update or clean your computer will result in a slower or non-functioning computer.
Do you need to update the drivers on your computer? Probably not, unless you've made the decision to upgrade to another operating system (Windows 7 or 8 to 10, for example).
If you're not sure whether you should install something, check it out first. Search online, ask someone who knows, or just don't do it.
Don't click on ads on web sites. Just following this one rule will save most of us from malware infections.

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